When largest independent science and technology organization, sought a solution for the technical obsolescence and operational shortcomings of its end user computing environment, Corevate System Sdn Bhd track record, depth and breadth of skills, and transformational programme abilities made it as partner.

To help become a high-performance business, Our team are ready to roll out a three-phase programme designed to manage costs, maintain business continuity, overcome obsolescence and improve business productivity.

From the inception of phase I, Corevate System Sdn Bhd was able to achieve significant cost savings by transforming the organization's internal service levels to users of technology, thereby improving cost-reporting and the cost efficiency of this service. Corevate System Sdn Bhd installed significant storage capabilities, new infrastructure and rolled out desktops and Windows XP to 9,000 staffers in 14 weeks, achieving a satisfaction rating of 86 percent. During Phase III, Corevate System Sdn Bhd consolidated QinetiQ's 50 telephone lines into one telephone number through the installation of a virtual switchboard, thus overcoming the challenges of technical obsolescence and operational shortcomings.

The Corevate System Sdn Bhd End User Computing team's intervention was able to enhance our clients profit margin, help the organization to avoid the shortcomings of obsolete technology while maintaining and improving the mobility of its workforce.