Your entire infrastructure plays an ever-increasing role in today’s digital business. It runs the applications that drive the business forward, secures critical information and assets, strengthens customer relationships through enhanced communications and ensures efficiency and agility.

Our company's Network Transformation services—and managed network services—can help organizations increase collaboration, achieve potential savings and improve efficiency today, while transforming the network to drive value long into the future. We can help standardize and simplify your network infrastructure to better support critical business needs and new capabilities while increasing security and reducing risk.

Our services help clients transition to a network path toward an intelligent infrastructure and digital transformation that would:

Bring increased reliability with a network that is always on, always available

Enable businesses to take advantage of the latest technologies

Improve agility and flexibility, allowing rapid deployment and provisioning of network resources

Be dynamic and operate in real time, meeting the requirements of new applications

Leverage virtualization and use commoditized hardware

Reduce complexity and costs

Forward-thinking businesses are planning now. We help businesses across all industries transition to a network that is ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges. Learn more about how the network is enabling foundation of an intelligent infrastructure.

Specific Services

Our company's Network Transformation services and managed network services can help clients transform network infrastructure to keep pace with new technologies. They are the keys to digital success. Our specific services include:

Network Optimization: Includes diagnostics, strategic planning and performance optimization services that help clients increase network efficiency and performance. We assess current network operations against future business requirements, align the network infrastructure to accommodate new business goals and incorporate applications such as cloud, mobility and analytics.

Our holistic network financial management approach provides the complete lifecycle of telecom expense management and telephone expense management process outsourcing run services to reduce costs. Using an innovative roadmap, we’ll help you prioritize the optimal target architecture and sourcing strategy.

Additional capabilities include software defined networking, virtualization and network analytics.

Wireless Infrastructure: Provides industrialized wireless architectures and operations to support business and mission-critical applications. Corevate System Sdn Bhd helps clients transform and manage their wireless connectivity, leveraging public mobile and private WiFi networks to improve business results and enable anytime, anywhere connectivity for employees, customers and alliances—with flexibility and at scale.

Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC): Helps clients improve collaboration inside the business and with external partners, suppliers and customers. We design and optimize communications and collaboration infrastructures, and help integrate communications with business processes, applications and devices to provide seamless operations. Corevate System Sdn Bhd delivers rapid design and deployment; ongoing, process-driven collaboration; and cloud-based, cost-effective and scalable UCC-as-a-Service. Learn more here: Workforce to Crowdsource: Tech Vision 2014 Trend 2.

Contact Center Transformation: Standardizes, enhances and integrates contact center technologies with business processes and applications to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Using contact center technology service models, we provide multi-channel customer collaboration and interaction capabilities, integrated with the client’s business processes and applications. Our “as-a-service” approach seeks to deliver cost-effective, scalable operations by helping the client create a more cost-effective and responsive network infrastructure, which promotes service stability and reliability. Services include:

Network Management & IP Contact Centre Management

Managed Network services: Transforms complex managed services to drive cost efficiency, increase agility and bring disruptive and innovative ideas. We offer an excellent user experience constantly seeking to help you create a more cost-effective and responsive network infrastructure, which promotes service stability and reliability.

Service Management Operations: Uses discovery, analysis and reporting services to help clients improve service levels, increase security and compliance and improve end-to-end availability, while reducing costs. We use ITIL-based processes, governance and tools to provision and manage complex network infrastructures, including applications, connected devices and cloud-based services.

Key Features

Transitioning and transforming with speed. It’s in our DNA.

Clients around the world trust Corevate System Sdn Bhd to transform and manage their networks. We bring strong alliances and an excellent track record of getting the job done. Our experience with numerous global organizations demonstrates our unmatched ability to deliver results. Analyst accolades and rankings confirm Corevate System Sdn Bhd’s industry-leading position. We offer:

An established track record. Our delivery yields operational savings that could achieve approximately 35 percent.

Operational excellence—always on. Continuous investment in leading practices, tools and analytics moves your network operation from reactive to proactive to predictive.

A shared incentive. We put “skin in the game” with deep skills and experience and industry know-how.

A service integrator model. We blend vendor and carrier independence with our strategic industry business alliances to seamlessly integrate with multiple technology and service providers.

Industrialized delivery. Our Global Delivery Network, sophisticated operating model and excellent tools help us serve large, complex, global organizations.

Innovation at the core. We bring disruptive and innovative ideas to help organizations more rapidly deploy new applications, realize return on investments and capture the value of other programs.